What does fastPass do?

fastPass is an agent working for hundreds driving instructors throughout the UK, each running their own driving school business in their own area. But every instructor who accepts a course from us has agreed to provide fastPass pupils with an intensive course of structured driving lessons, alongside their own pupils who book regular hourly lessons, and at the same high quality.

A fastPass driving course can include both, either, or neither, a theory and practical test. Start by using our Course Calculator to check on prices and availability, but when you receive your quote, make sure it contains exactly waht you want. Depending on what you answered during the questionnaire, the relevant tests should have automatically been included.

Remember: all our courses are 1-2-1 (no sharing), in-car (no classroom) and from home (no travelling). Once you’ve found the course you want you can reserve it online and call our office between 8 and 8 weekdays, or 9 till 5 Saturdays (excluding public holidays), to confirm your booking and pay your deposit.

fastPass will then source and reserve the most suitable instructor in your area, and organise the hours of the course in accordance with your instructions. If there is any reason why the instructor cannot provide intensive lessons as you have requested, we will liaise with you to see if reasonable alternative arrangements can be made that are acceptable to you both. If we are unable to do this, your deposit will be refunded in full.

fassPass Intensive CoursesThe lesson timetable will be emailed to both you and your instructor as confirmation of your contract. Although day-to-day matters are usually dealt with directly by your instructor, fastPass will remain an important point of contact if you want clarification of any matter, or if you have any reason to complain, (although if your complaint is about matters outside our direct control, we may be limited as to what we can do. See our full Ts and Cs for details].

If you prefer weekly, (non-intensive), lessons with a local driving instructor, you should viisit our sister website: BookDrivingLessonsOnline.co.uk.