Where are fastPass courses taken?

fastPass intensive driving lessons are usually conducted from your own home, and are available virtually anywhere on the mainland UK. Lessons are usually arranged to suit your own availability and a schedule of lessons will be agreed and reserved at the outset, but please understand that altering a pickup address, or lesson time, is not an option once the course has been booked and confirmed.

Local intensive driving courses are usually preferred by most of our pupils, but in order to get a short-notice course with test, you may have to consider a residential course elsewhere in the UK. You’ll still be using a local instructor and booking a large number of lessons in a short space of time, so you’ll soon become familiar with the roads and routes closest to the test centre, and this should enable you to concentrate your attention on fine-tuning your driving.

fassPass Intensive CoursesMost pupils appreciate the benefit of knowing the routes around the test centre wherever they take their test, so a fastTest residential course, away from the pressures of home life – even with the added cost of travel and accommodation – might be a realistic option if “time is of the essence” to you.

If you prefer weekly, (non-intensive), lessons with a local driving instructor, you should viisit our sister website: BookDrivingLessonsOnline.co.uk.