How does the fastPass process work?

A Department of Transport report shows that, on average, successful test candidates will have had have 47 hours of lessons, plus 20 hours of practice with a friend or relative, and that the average learning time to the practical test is 14 months. By taking a fastPass “crash” driving course, you could get your full driving licence much sooner than that. Our fastPass Course Calculator will determine which course is best for you and you can then check availability, make your reservation online, then call us to pay your deposit by card, (or pay by bank transfer if you prefer). It’s as simple as that.

If you’ve already passed your theory test, fastPass will book a practical test and arrange intensive driving lessons over the time-scale you prefer. If it’s important to you that you start at exactly the same time every day, or that all your lessons must be of exactly the same duration, you should make this clear to us when booking otherwise we might vary the start times and durations to fit in with the instructors diary. Once confirmed, the course schedule should not be altered.

fassPass Intensive CoursesIf you haven’t yet passed your theory test, you can EITHER take the driving course immediately, but hold back a day of lessons until you’ve passed the theory, (to cover the practical test), OR you can hold the entire driving course in reserve until you actually have your theory pass certificate, so we can then book the practical test and the lessons leading to that practical test for the same week. Please remember that test times and dates are strictly subject to DSA availability.

If you prefer weekly, (non-intensive), lessons with a local driving instructor, you should viisit our sister website: